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Run a subscription-supported and newsletter-first site with best in-class publishing tools powered by Ghost, supercharged with Outpost's powerful membership management and growth tools.
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What We Do

Grow Your Audience πŸ“ˆ

Ghost and Outpost make every post and email convert casual visitors into site members.
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Make You Money πŸ’²

Ghost and Outpost are optimized to bring in new readers and convert your free readers to paid readers. And we do that without being a parasite that takes a % of your revenue.
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Save You Time and Money ⏰ & πŸ’°

We're a co-operative, not a VC-funded company. We don't charge 10%+ of your revenue. And we set you up with automations so you can spend more time creating, not doing businessy stuff.
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How We Do It

Automate the Business Stuff πŸ€–

You aren't just writing a newsletter. You are running a media business, and that means you have to communicate to readers who sign-up, who upgrade, who cancel, who get a gift subscription, and who are close to renewal. We automate that, so you can spend time writing.
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Tips, Donations, and Gift Subscriptions 🏦

We make it simple for people to support you with tips and donations by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Many of our sites make more from just from donations than they pay us. We also let readers buy gift subscriptions. And we don't take a penny of either.
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Tech Integrations πŸ—

Since Ghost is an open-source publishing system, we can integrate the best outside tech services with your site, including member-only comments, privacy-friendly analytics, paid podcast services and great internal content recommendations. We make them simple to configure so you spend time writing, not futzing.
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Group Buying Power ✊

Outpost is a publishers cooperative, and we use our group buying power to get deep discounts on tech services for each of our members. For example, we integrate Plausible Analytics with your site and on our intro plan, all of our services together are cheaper than if you paid for Plausible yourself.
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We Help You Switch 🚚

Changing publishing systems isn't fun, but we can help make it easy. From choosing a theme, walking you through content migration, and teaching you the new system. We got you. (Luna Plan+)
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Ongoing Support πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚

When you have questions or want to try something new like a weekly video chat, we're here to help and to send you funny gifs.
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About Us

So we have to admit it. We're different. First off, we're a publishers cooperative, meaning the goal of the organization is to provide services to publishers, not to make a billion dollars. We are not funded by billionaires. Our bylaws prevent us from selling out to Big Tech. And if we make more money in a year than we need to run the company, we give members a dividend, like REI or a local grocery store co-op.

We believe the future of publishing is people paying to support the publications and writers they care about, and that those publications should keep as much as possible, not make billionaires even more money.

Our founding team has been building ethical publishing software for over 10 years, and our CEO Ryan Singel was a writer and editor at Wired for ten years previous to that. We know publishing and we care about making publishing software better.

1. Do you host websites?

Generally speaking, no. The majority of our clients choose Ghost Pro to host their site and send newsletters. If you are an enterprise client with very specific needs, we can host your site.

2. If I use Outpost, am I stuck with Outpost?

Absolutely not. We build our system so that you can leave anytime, with all your members, payment relationships, and as much data as we can provide.

3. If I join the co-op, do I have to go to meetings or do other members have a say in my site?

No. Outpost is a member services cooperative, not a worker cooperative. That means our job is to provide services at a lower price to our members. But there are no meetings, and your site is still your site.

4. I have a complicated project and want to integrate newsletters with our main system/build a custom theme/do something mind-bending. Can you help?

Absolutely. For instance, we built a custom solution, built on Ghost, for The Atlantic, with 9 paid subsriber-only newsletters, all synced with their subscription system. Contact us at [email protected] to talk about what you are looking to do.

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