Outpost Lets Your Readers Donate and and Give Gift Subscriptions

Astronaut with money raining down, created by Dall-e
Created by Dall-e

Outpost lets you accept donations of any amount from readers via Stripe and Paypal. This lets your most loyal readers support you even more, and allows you to collect one-off donations from occasional readers. Publications find that this is more than nice, it actually provides a substantial new revenue stream without any extra work. A number of our sites collect more in donations alone than they pay for our services. Recently, a publication received a $10,000 donation!

Gift Subscriptions
Gift subscriptions are a great way to have your most loyal fans spread the word, grow your audience, and further support you.

Outpost lets you offer gift subscriptions and handles the work of collecting the fees, creating an account for/notifying the recipient and thanking the giver. When the gift subscription gets close to expiring, we notify the giver of the gift to give them an opportunity to re-up the gift. If they do not, we write the receiver of the gift subscription a few days before expiration to ask them if they wish to continue their subscription.

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